Thursday, October 1, 2009

About "We Love Dirty Kitchens" -- The Company

Our company is a small local business located in the heart of Victoria. We have only been in business for less than 2 years, so if you call to try us out, it is about 90% likely that we will be available to clean your home within 24 hours, or whenever is most convenient for you.

We are always looking for new clients - and we are always very grateful for any work that we can get!

If you would like references from our current or past clients, we would be happy to provide you with them! Just email, or call and ask.

Also -- We are not insured, nor are we bonded. That does not mean that we can't be insured, or that we can not be bonded. As of yet, due to the fact that we have not done any commercial cleaning work we have not found it necessary to go through the process and the expense involved. We can assure you however, that if anything breaks in your home, we will pay for it to be repaired, or replaced. You can run a criminal background check on myself, my husband and any of the people who work with us. We want you to feel safe having us in your home, and we are more than happy to do whatever you would like to feel comfortable with hiring us. Just let us know!

As for our company --I am a 40 year old wife and mother who grew up in a military style home. I was trained from the earliest age to be meticulously clean and tidy in taking care of my parent's house growing up. I am currently recovering from a health crisis -- I was diagnosed with psioratic arthritis in 2008 and since then have been trying very hard to find the right combination of lifestyle choices that can help with really tackling the arthritis problem. I work with my husband and cleaners whom we are comfortable working with to provide cleaning and organizational help to my clients. When I am not working or taking care of my children, I am currently also studying Indigenous Law with Coast Salish Big House Speaker, Willie Seymour. I am Aboriginal. I was removed from my family when I was a child and raised in a non-indigenous home. I returned home to the Cowichan Indian Reserve about 17 years ago. I would like someday, perhaps when I retire, to be able to return home to the Cowichan Reserve to live, but for now there's simply not enough work opportunity on the reserve to sustain my living there. I wish that were not the case. I try to live my life and conduct myself in a way that is consistent with the laws, customs and teachings of my people.

Even though I have arthritis, I love to clean. I love the work. I find that I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction and pleasure out of helping to make life easier for people... or make their homes feel happier... (as one of my client's says) In the Coast Salish Culture, we believe that it's very important to keep one's home clean and tidy. We believe that if we do not do so, it invites or attracts negativity and even helps generate a bad emotional outlook on life. So, in that sense and in that context, I personally enjoy the cleaning work. It makes me feel good as a person to do this work. I especially love being able to walk into a home that just needs a little time, attention and love and sprucing it up to make it, and it's occupants and owners feel loved themselves.

It is my sincere hope that you will give us a call and try us out, even just once. I am sure that our house cleaning, organizing and tidying skills will impress you and make you feel better about your environment and surroundings.

Highest Regards

Meaghie Walker

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