Thursday, February 5, 2015

We love dirty kitchens!

Call 250-532-6858! (don't forget our discounted service for Elders, First Responders and anybody suffering in a health crisis)

We'll clean your dishes and take care of any messes.
We will scrub the pots and pans 'till they sparkle and shine.
We will vacuum and mop your floors, do your laundry, fold,
iron, dust, tidy, organize and more. Whatever it is that you
need or want done to make your home clean and tidy
We will be here for you.

We are reliable, responsible and discreet.

Most Importantly... We can be there fast!
(usually within 48 hours of your call.

Need a cleaning team more quickly than that?
Our main competitors usually want at least two weeks' advance notice. We don't.
We're ready to go to work for you almost right away!

You don't have to have a long term contract with us.

Our main competitors usually want a long-term contract and won't just come out and clean your house one time when you really need it. We will and are happy to do it too!

Sometimes people just get behind in the housework and need a little help to catch up. We understand and we want to help.

Are you working long hours every week? It's hard to manage a full time job and manage to get all the housework done all the time... We know it!

Isn't your time off a valuable commodity that would be best spent doing things you enjoy, rather than scrubbing toilets, scouring pots and pans or chasing dust bunnies under the bed? Why not give yourself a treat? Get us to handle the housework so you can relax and enjoy your down-time doing more enjoyable things!

We are fast, reliable, responsible, discrete and friendly.

Our rate for house cleaning is $10 per visit plus $36 per hour per worker. Usually we work in teams of two.

Are you on the fence because you don't have the cash on hand right now - but you still desperately need some help with getting your home clean? We can help... Click here for more details about paying in installments.

(A Note About Price : Yes, It's absolutely true that if you look in the paper, or on places like Craig's list, you are going to find people who are advertising that they are willing to clean for as little as $25.00/hour. If you can find a reliable cleaner who will always show up on time and provide you with consistently impeccable cleaning for that price, that's great! Our experience, and that of our clients has been however that it's unusual to get good help for this work at that price. Certainly, we've discovered as a company that has hired people and tried to pay that fee, that more often than not, people who desperately need a job will be willing to start work for somebody at that low a price -- but they will move on to easier work or better paying work pretty soon... often without any notice. That's unfortunate - but that's the way things seem to work out.

We believe that not only is our time valuable - but yours is as well! That's generally why people look to hire a cleaner. You have better and more important things to do with your time than scrub toilets and vacuum and dust. Where we come in is in providing you with a guarantee that barring catastrophe... when you hire us to come work for you... we are always going to show up - ON TIME, no excuses, and we won't leave the job unfinished until you are satisfied. You will always be treated with courtesy, respect and fairness. We guarantee that you will like our work and be a satisfied customer.

$36/hour may seem to some like it's too much to pay -- But when you factor in recent inflation, as well as the costs that we incur in time spent traveling to and from your home, transportation as well as car insurance, you can see that things do add up quickly. We are not a big company... We are just a family that is trying to make ends meet with this work. I can assure you that we are not getting rich by charging the difference between our price and what is being advertised elsewhere. If we could afford to charge less and still make ends meet, we'd be glad to do it. )

Phone Meaghan or Charles at "We love dirty kitchens" for more info at 250-532-6858.

It's okay to call in the evenings (even late) and on weekends. We'll get back to you ASAP if you leave a message. Still on the fence? Call for a quote -- or to ask about references which are available upon request.


Our Local Victoria Business Wants To Work For You - Give us a call 24/7! We're the new kids on the block and we can't wait to clean your home.

Click HERE for More info about our *EXTREME CLEANING* services

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