Thursday, February 5, 2015

Endorsement from Pat Javorski

Our client, Pat Javorski, provided this testimonial about how our service was so useful to her during the last few years she was working as a teacher (she's retired now).


We Love Dirty Kitchens made that last few years of work so much easier.  Knowing that I had their team on board gave my husband and myself back our weekends. Coming  home to a glowing house each week took a huge burden off our shoulders.  We could relax and not spend most of a day cleaning the house. 
The We Love Dirty Kitchens team are reliable and respectful.  They are good listeners, understand your requests and as a locally owned independent business are able to customize your cleaning needs. They do more than the basics. You can expect a  thorough and complete cleaning each and every visit.  I have recommended them to a number of friends and colleagues.  

Pat Javorski 

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